Our Current Home For Dinner Sponsors

If you or your organization would like to thank a local veteran, consider making a recurring annual gift! No amount is too small or too large!

Jared and Piper Anderson
Denise and Eric Airola
Travis and Elizabeth Ayres
Bikes, Blues, and BBQ
Marge and George Bahash
Suzi and RD Bell
Bella Vista Lions Club
Larry and Nancy Bittle
Diane and Todd Boss
Clifford and Gayla Byrd
Gwen Bridges and Steven Hopkins
Thomas Brown
Steve and Kristi Brown
Lee Brown and Paula Jenkins Brown
Matthew Bruton (Board)
Don and Brenda Cannon
Dr Phil and Melissa Cedeno
Jim and Diane Campbell
Sally Clifton
Mark and Suzanne Clinard
Nancy and Dru Collom
Dr. Chris Combs
Wylene Cohagan
Judy Cowan
Lorn and Karen Cottongim
Marsha and Mike Day
John and Emily Douglas
Michael and Susan Duke
Martin and Sharon Esarte
Greg Esquivel (Board)
First Christian Church of Bentonville
Christine/Joan Fleener
Rollin and Sandee Ford
Robert and Sheree Graham
Games and Titanni Hamedi
Sherry Harris
Marvin and Gail Holm
Judge Jimm and Janet Hendren
Charles and Shannon Holley
Jean and Ray Horan
Nannice Hornor
Ran and Jean Hutchinson
Johnson and Johnson
Roland and Betty Julian
Charles and Evelyn Jorgenson
Susan Keller
Ben and Amenda Lacy
Eddie and Diane Langford
Dick and Mickey Mahon
Jerry and Linda Marple
Drew and Bunnie McGhee
Michael and Diane Mawbry
Jamie Harvey
Terri Miller
Jonathan Moore
Marla and Joey Nelson
Joseph and Jane Para
Sid and Charles Mary Phillippy
John and Kathie Pinkerton
Mrs Bettye Plant
Kitty and Rod Patterson
Dianna Portillio (Board)
Teddie Price
Jim and Carol Ray
Brent Reader (Board)
Lisa Reeves and Mike Million (Board)
Sharon and Larry Reeves
James Reynolds
Cathy and Chris Rogers (Board)
James and Suzzett Sparks
Jim and Laura Sawyer
Richard and Peggy Smith
Bob and Linda Smith
Jacqueline Spelding
Samuel and Meg Skaggs
Tom and Cindi Suchecki
Chris and Paige Sultimeyer
Paula Steinmeyer
Stacy Tarr
Clint and Tara Taylor
Clay and Melissa Thompson
Susan and Jim Von Gremp
Victor and Nancy Verlage
DF Witherspoon
George and Cheryl
Walmart Store #5260
Brenda and Jerry Walton
Lucinda Walters
Joannn Wilson
Donna Wanned
Barbara Jean and Tom Wissing
Ila and Darwin Wolfe
Dr. Wayne and Patsy Welsher
Lisa A. Reeves, PA
L.L. Foster
Red lobster
Fred's Hickory Innn
Sam's Club
YeYo's Mexican Bar and Grill
Cathy's Corner
Johnny Carino's

Our Current Stars and Stripes Sponsors

Stars and Stripes Sponsors are those who give above and beyond in support of our mission. Fore more information, please contact us.

Wells Fargo Advisors
Walmart Foundation
Apex Marketing, Inc.
Meza Harris (Board)
Michael and Beth Hickman (Board)
Bob and Janice Laman
Lynn and Steve Patton
JB Hunt Employees Raising Hope
William and Jane Vaughn

Partner With Us

"Serving those who have served us so well"

Since our inception in 2013, Home For Dinner has gifted over seventeen hundred dinner gift cards to local veterans and over one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships to student veterans attending Northwest Arkansas Community College, the University of Arkansas, and the Northwest Technical Institute.

You can easily donate to Home For Dinner online anytime from anywhere. Choose from any of our pre-existing donation and recognition levels or customize an amount to your liking. Because Home For Dinner is a local, grass-roots non-profit, all monies are dispersed locally in Benton and Washington counties, right here in northwest Arkansas!

We gladly welcome your partnership in thanking those who have served us so well!